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15 Slack Tips to Supercharge Your Productivity and Communication

Remote Work is now a part of all businesses. Water cooler chats need to be replaced. Slack is the answer. Here are some tips on how.

In the digital age where remote work and collaborative tools dominate, Slack has emerged as the front-runner for business communication. To truly harness its potential, it's essential to understand the nuances of the platform. Here are 15 tips that will elevate your Slack experience:

1. App Integrations: Boosting Productivity the Smart Way

Slack's universe expands with its app integrations. Think of them as bridges connecting islands of productivity. For instance, with Asana, you can instantly create tasks without leaving Slack. Similarly, by integrating your CRM like Hubspot, every time a deal closes, the team gets a Slack notification. A win-win for efficiency and team morale!

2. Harnessing the Power of Search

Every chat, every shared file, is a drop in the Slack ocean. But with Slack's comprehensive search, every drop is mapped. Advanced filters like date ranges, sender-specific searches, and even within-file text hunts turn Slack into a treasure trove, ensuring you always find the needle in the haystack.


3. Threads: The Game-Changer for Organized Conversations

Threads allow for contextual conversations, making it easier to follow discussions. Instead of cluttering the main chat, a side conversation can be contained within a thread, keeping the main channel clean.

4. Public Channels: Preventing Information Silos

Transparency is the lifeblood of modern work culture. By fostering conversations in public channels, you cast a light on information, allowing it to flow freely. No more shadowy corners of missing data or being out of the loop; everyone gets a fair view.

5. Slack Canvas: The Ultimate Collaboration Tool

Slack's new feature, Canvas, is a boon for team collaboration. From capturing critical project details to embedding media and co-editing with stakeholders, it offers a plethora of features while staying rooted in the Slack ecosystem.

6. Status Updates: Communication at a Glance

Your Slack status is more than just an emoji. It informs your team about your availability. Whether you're away, in a meeting, or focusing on a task, setting the right status ensures smoother communication.

How to: Click the bottom left image on your slack profile to update your status.

7. Emojis: A New Language for Quick Responses

A picture is worth a thousand words. In Slack, an emoji can replace several sentences. Create a team-wide understanding of certain emojis to streamline responses. For example, a 👍 can be a quick confirmation, while an 👀 emoji signifies you're checking into something.

8. Crafting Scannable Messages

Long paragraphs can be daunting. When sending lengthy messages, use bullets, emojis, and clear formatting. This approach ensures your message is clear and quickly understandable.

9. Shortcuts: Your Key to Speed

Every second saved in navigation amplifies productivity. Slack's shortcuts aren’t just keys; they're magic wands. With a flick of a combination, you can jump channels, mark messages, or even edit your last message, making your Slack experience swift and magical. Check out Slack’s official [guide] for a comprehensive list.

10. Save for later and Pins: Never Lose Important Info

Amidst the waves of messages, some need to be anchored. “Pins” and “Save for later” act as these anchors, ensuring vital information isn't lost to the tides of chat, always remaining a click away.

11. Reminders: Let Slack Remember For You

Set reminders for tasks, meetings, or anything important. Slack's reminder feature can be a lifesaver during busy days, ensuring you never miss out.

12. Self-Slacking: Your Personal Notepad

Sending messages to oneself might sound odd, but in the vast corridors of Slack, it's like leaving breadcrumbs. Got a fleeting idea or a vital link? Echo it in your personal chamber on Slack, ensuring you can always retrace your steps.

13. Calendar Integration: Streamlining Schedules

By linking Slack with your calendar, your status can auto-update based on your schedule. When you're in a meeting, Slack will automatically set your status, ensuring fewer interruptions.

How to: Click on the bottom left image of your profile, select update your status then click in a meeting and follow the prompts to connect to your calendar.

14. Do Not Disturb (DND): The Sacred Productivity Time

Need to dive deep into a task? Activate DND mode. It signals to your team that you’re focusing and shouldn't be disturbed unless it's urgent.

How to: Click the left image of your profile and select pause notifications.

Quick tip: Pause notification on the fly with /dnd command

15. Channel Sections: Organizing for Efficiency

As channels multiply, navigating them shouldn’t be a maze. By segmenting them—be it by department, project, or priority—you turn Slack into a well-organized digital file cabinet, ensuring every discussion has its rightful place.

How to: Click on Channels in the left bar of your Slack menu, then click Create and Create Section.

In the grand tapestry of business tools, Slack stands out as a powerful platform for communication and collaboration. Implement these tips, and watch your Slack proficiency soar, leading to heightened productivity and seamless communication.