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A Savvier Way to
Scale Your Business Strategize Finances Gain Financial Clarity Optimize Operations Simplify Accounting Mitigate Risks Unlock New Insights Outsource Tasks Forecast Your Growth Achieve Your Goals Scale Your business Scale Your Business

Lead the way to a stronger financial foundation for your company.

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Did you know?

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail in the first two years, 45% during the first five, and 65% during the first ten. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. 

Are you struggling to manage your finances in-house? Is the process time-consuming? Without the proper accounting systems in place, your organization could be missing out on financial clarity and future revenue growth potential.

This is where Savvy CFO steps in. We connect financial professionals to owners of privately owned businesses of any size, so they get the financial expertise they need on a fractional, interim, or project basis.

You know finance is an 
important part of your business.

Why do so many organizations forego financial solutions from professionals in the field? It simply doesn’t add up. After all, cutting corners up front ends up costing businesses more down the line.

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Do you want to know why financial clarity matters?

Getting control over your finances is crucial to the long-term success of your business. It unlocks financial insights and mitigates potential risk factors. But to plan for the future, you need to know where your finances stand today.
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Do you want to know how to leverage industry expertise?

Companies often struggle to find comprehensive, trustworthy financial services. By turning to financial professionals with industry know-how and technical expertise, businesses can outsource time-consuming financial tasks and instead focus on daily operations.
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Do you want help checking this off your list?

Savvy CFO leverages cutting-edge technology and provides clients with access to its expansive network of financial professionals so your organization can manage financial operations and scale for growth.

So, why choose Savvy CFO?

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Optimize Your Operations

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Simplify Your Accounting

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Mitigate Your Risks

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Gain Financial Clarity

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Unlock Financial Insights

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Achieve Financial Goals

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Strategize Your Finances

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Scale Your Business

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Outsource Technical Tasks

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Forecast Your Growth

We're setting a new standard in operational finance.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter, activity-based finance functions.

Which numbers are most important for your business? What types of outcomes should you be looking for? We want to get to know you and your needs, so we can create financial solutions truly tailored to your goals. From Day 1, we're invested in your success—on your terms.

It all starts with timely, accurate, and digestible financial information and the technical expertise to turn your data into action.


Faster Results for Ambitious Owners

Maximize your outcomes with proven financial strategies and actionable analytics.

Technical Know-How from Professionals

Become confident in your financial decisions with a team of professionals versed in the latest technology.

Increased Value for Your Business

Enjoy optimal flexibility and affordability, based on our fractional service model.

Clearly Defined Competitive Edge

Collaborate with our network of finance professionals to get ahead of the competition in your industry.

Clients of our Founders

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What clients of our Founders are saying:

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During the growth years of Chef’s Plate, the Founders of Savvy-CFO were instrumental to our success. Both my Co-Founder Jamie and I would recommend any team put together by them to help an ambitious business owner grow farther faster.”
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Patrick Meyer
Co-Founder Chefs Plate
In the Fall of 2021, amid COVID, we sold our business. Don Cameron, our fractional CFO, ensured our financial records were fine-tuned to a level that buttressed the inevitable onslaught by the private equity purchasers. We realized an optimal earnings multiple, with no closing adjustments. ”
Nick Wagner
CEO (Happily Retired), Premise LED
Savvy-CFO, has been an indispensable ally in our company's growth journey. With unwavering expertise, Kieran adeptly guided us through the complexities of expanding into the US and other international markets while seamlessly steering our entry into new verticals as we expanded our scope. His strategic acumen and personalized approach have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving sustained success.”
Manraaj Mand is the CEO of Mand Consulting and Watchdog Security
Manraaj Mand
CEO, Mand Consulting & Watchdog Security

At Savvy CFO, we treat every month-end like it's a year-end.

We understand that sustained success looks a little different for each of our clients. That's why we strategize for the future and deliver a truly customized approach to solving our clients' biggest challenges. 

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First, we discuss your business and financial objectives. Our team points you toward resources to expand your knowledge of industry trends and best practices.
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Then, it's time to take action with practical next steps. Our website offers quizzes, articles, and live chat to help you diagnose your financial needs.
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Next, we walk with you through the fine print. We create a mandate that tailors our solutions to your needs and finalize the finance functions that make the most sense for your business today and tomorrow, as you scale.
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Finally, we get to work. As we execute, we iterate on top of our successes to nurture progress, and you realize greater growth for your business faster.
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Meet Savvy CFO

We're dynamic, innovative business leaders ready to redefine what financial savvy looks like.

Thanks to our large network of financial professionals, we’re able to match you with the people best suited to provide solutions for your greatest business challenges. And because we provide fractional services, you get 100% of the effort at a fraction of the price.