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Meet Our Team

Find out what motivates our team of seasoned professionals to transform financial operations in the 21st century.
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Nice to meet you! We're Savvy CFO.

From our early days to our current aspirations, we've been on a mission to deliver attainable, comprehensive financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. We've enlisted the best and the brightest in the industry to make these financial goals a reality.

At Savvy CFO, we're not just looking for employees; we're in search of visionaries who want to be part of something groundbreaking. Our platform is a canvas for ideas, skills, and aspirations to flourish. As we grow, they grow—and you grow with us.

We're proud architects of our ambitious future endeavors.

Since the early days of Savvy CFO, we've held a steadfast commitment to transforming organizations' financial operations with integrity, trust, innovation, and continued collaboration. Our growth plan is an open book, inviting potential trailblazers to join us.

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The origins of Savvy CFO

Our Origins

Starting with a modest but experienced team of three, we embarked on a journey fueled by passion, expertise, and a shared vision. Remote work, technological advancement, and a dedication to redefining outdated perceptions of accountants has led us to where we are today. We have created the business model and platform of tomorrow.
Savvy CFO's Ambitions

Our Ambitions

Our aspirations stretch far beyond the horizon of this platform and the collective experience of its founders. We're on a mission to deliver value-for-money services for clients, and from this grow our team, both in numbers of happy clients and associates. This will make our vision become real.
The future for Savvy CFO

Our Future

As we look to the future, we're honest about our origins and optimistic about our growth trajectory. We're on a mission to pioneer change, drive innovation, and give ambitious business owners a competitive edge heretofore beyond their reach. We've built a future-focused platform and business model that empowers, challenges, and connects savvy professionals with ambitious business owners, generating results that will be the envy of the competition.
Join the Savvy CFO journey

Join the Journey!

Ready to be part of a team of innovators that shapes the future of operating finance and takes your results to a whole new level? Our distinctive approach positions us uniquely within our industry. We're excited to connect with individuals who have a forward-thinking, growth mindset. Whether you're a seasoned professional or business owner, a rising star in the profession or in your business space, we invite you to be a part of our narrative.

Meet Our Team

Get to know our top-tier talent and explore their professional backgrounds.


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Tessa Taxes

Savvy's Next Team Member!

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Adam Analysis

Savvy's Next Talented Analyst!

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Marissa Mergers

Savvy's Next Deal-Worker!

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Patti People

Savvy's Next HR Specialist!

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Craig Cashflow

Savvy's Next Forecasting Wizard!

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Mary Monthly

Savvy's Next Fractional Accountant!

What sets us apart?

In addition to achieving stellar results for our clientele, we've built a company culture that truly reflects and encourages unique perspectives of our team. No bureaucracy, no red tape—just great ideas, technical expertise, and white-glove service from seasoned professionals who know how to execute.

We keep an open dialogue.

Every team member's opinions and feedback are always welcomed in all aspects of the business. We make sure that you’re seen and heard.

We lead with ambition.

We're always willing to put in the extra work to create custom solutions that help our clients reach their full potential.

We're curious and adaptable.

Every challenge brings new opportunities. We push ourselves to innovate, execute, and pivot, based on our clients' needs.

We act with integrity.

In our everyday actions, we build trust with our clients and with each other. We do what's right, not what's easy.

We don't play politics.

Bureaucracy and hierarchy are not part of Savvy CFO's vocabulary. Your career trajectory is in your hands.

We stay connected.

We've built a large network of financial professionals with people from all walks of life, and we've created an environment where all kinds of experiences and skills thrive.

Ready to jump-start your career in operational finance? Join Our Team